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Tron Review(ishy) at the Gold Class Cinema

Alexander wanted to see Tron, and he wanted to see it at his favorite theater. My son adores the Gold Class Cinemas, and hardly wants to go anywhere.

Today was the first day of ChrisHanuKwan Vacation, so we grabbed a friend and went to Pasadena for for a noon movie.

Tron was fabulous. I know you’re going to think I’m goofing on movie reviews here, but I’m absolutely sincere when I tell you that Alexander, his friend and I went to see the movie, I watched the first 40 or so minutes and then I fell asleep.

It’s not my fault though, because at the Gold Class Cinemas the seats are huge and plush, and they recline. Plus they provide pillows and blankets if you ask for them, combine that with a sweet chinese chicken salad plus a few bites of beignets (Alexander calls them adult donuts), I think you can see that a nap was inevitable.

I slept for the better part of an hour.

I woke up just as Sam Flynn was joining forces with his father and escaping the virtual world. It was wonderful. I’m not joking when I say that I saw a complete movie, it was beautiful, the music was perfect, the effects were extraordinary, and the actors could not have been better.

I’m pretty sure Jane wants to see the movie too, I’m going to try taking her so I can see the whole thing.

I love the concept, and if you match the plotline up with today’s Wikileaks news, it’s an incredibly relevant movie.

Here’s a little video of my $29 nap.