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Truman Capote

A Week and a Half Without Social Media

I thought that I would miss Facebook. I really don’t. I thought that I’d miss twitter. Nope. I thought I’d miss connecting with my friends. I do connect with my friends and now when we text or talk we haven’t had the conversation already.

The hiatus is good.

Yesterday I got a text from Gib that read:

I’ve been enjoying your blog even more after your Facebook break!

Which made my heart soar, mostly because Gib gives it to me straight and also because he’s smart and thoughtful and I’m so happy to have a text from him rather than a Facebook update… which is odd because I’m supposed to think that text messages are impersonal but somehow they’ve become personal again.

I didn’t know about a school shooting until 6 or maybe 8 hours after it happened. Do you know how that affected my life? It didn’t.

I don’t know what other bloggers have written unless I’m subscribed to their sites or if they’ve emailed me. Some of them have publicists who email me updates and I’m not sure if I should be squicked out or following their lead. I’m staying with squick.

The only social media I’m really participating in is Goodreads. I’ve read more more books and less status updates. If you haven’t read Breakfast at Tiffany’s I’d urge you to do so, it’s a one day read, a short part of your day really. It’s showing at the Arclight next weekend and after reading and seeing them in rapid succession it might demonstrate why Capote never really liked Hepburn as Holly Golightly.

It’s dull here. I’m reading a lot, spending time with my family and finding opportunities for other bloggers. I’m drama free. It’s a nightmare for blogging but a boon for existence.

Audrey Hepburn