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I Want to Thank the TSA for Keeping John Tyner off the Airplane

The big news is that a John Tyner who goes by the blog name of “Johnny Edge” was ejected from a San Diego area airport for refusing a pat down by TSA Agents.


In the first of three videos (there’s no real image, you just want them for the sound) Johnny goes through the security line and starts asking if he still has to take his shoes off. Uh, yeah Johnny, there are probably signs everywhere saying you have to remove your shoes, there’s probably someone in front of you removing their shoes. Take your shoes off Johnny.

Johnny is then told he is going to have a pat down, and is “obnoxious”. The TSA agent explains the procedure of a pat down, and then John Tyner says, “If you touch my junk I’m going to have you arrested.” On what planet do you threaten to have someone arrested who is being perfectly professional, and then expect them to change all the rules for you? How self centered and delusional can one man be?

The video goes on for 12 long minutes, there’s a second video where John’s father in law steps in and tries to get the TSA to change their procedures as well.

Let me just say one thing, John Tyner is a belligerent asshole. No one cares to “touch your junk” John. It’s clear to me that you were begging for an incident like this by both your manner and the fact that you ran a video camera the entire time.

Someone please explain to me how a public pat down with the back of the hands is a sexual assault (John Tyner’s words not mine). I’m sure real victims of sexual assault would beg to differ.

Of course we all recognize that the TSA has some silly procedures. I’m not saying the the TSA is some sort of folk hero, but try for a moment to imagine a day full of John Tyners. Imagine long lines of entitled conspiracy theorists who threaten legal action if you “touch my junk”.

Who does that?

Imagine John Tyner on your flight with a drink in him plus some altitude. I know, it would be awful.

Here are the videos. The Assholery starts in the first minute on video one.

I really can’t wait to read what Blogger Bob comes up with for this one.