It Feels Like a Countdown

My kids are good kids. They’re not spectacularly well behaved and they aren’t straight A students. They are smart and funny and I enjoy smart and funny people. They aren’t completely altruistic though they have moments of stupefying goodness where my eyes well with tears and I know I’ve done my job well. They’re just … Read more

UCLA Lecture: Social Marketing

Last night I had the honor of speaking to a class at UCLA about how to bring marketing to their online communities. A special thanks to Beverly Macy for inviting me, and to everyone in attendance. Some related links can be found on Delicious. Strategic social marketing   View more webinars from JessicaGottlieb

A Little More Strabismus

This morning we were at UCLA before our 8am appointment. I know from past experience that two families will have 8am appointments, but one family will sign in first, and they will be first. Alexander had an eye exam, no dilation, but an exam nonetheless. I thought that today they would schedule a surgery, unfortunately even … Read more