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Things I Didn’t Share on Facebook Today

Danah Boyd writes about mourning and public-ness

E. Gabriella Coleman shares her book Coding Freedom

Can we trick cancer cells into suicide?

Two Finnish Journalists ride a bus and poop their pants… on purpose… take that Al Roker and your shart.

Megan Phelps has left the Westboro Baptist Church. Is it even possible that God doesn’t hate Fags?

Life has been found under the Antarctic for the first time.

And this is what it looks like when a Marine gets his M1 Garand returned after 50 years


And finally, everyone knows that Beyonce wants this picture removed from the Internet

beyonce wants pictures removed from the interwebs


And this one too

beyonce wants this picture removed from the internet


This would be a good time to remind folks of the import of the Streisand Effect.