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Video and Audio Center

Video & Audio Center

I’ve written this post a zillion times and I was trying to think of a non pushy way to tell you where to shop but every post I wrote just sounded like a skeevy sponsored post that’s trying to cash in on every bit of trust I’ve tried to earn from y’all.

So let me begin with the fact that Video and Audio Center had a great event last night where they unveiled Sony’s new 4K HD TV which is apparently 4 times more brilliant than a regular HDTV. But I couldn’t go because I had kids getting home from sports right in the middle of their event. The 4k starts at under $5,000 for a 55 inch TV and the folks at Video and Audio Center wanted y’all to know that… so you’ve been told.

If you’re local just go in there and hang out on the showroom floor and pretend like you’re rich and have a room dedicated to all your electronics. That’s what Junior and I do.

sony 4k hdtv

And now I have to interject that this is not a sponsored post. This is just a post to let y’all know that the guys at Video & Audio Center performed a miracle when I walked in their door with my dog sort of pointing and saying, “I need a 55 inch TV that doesn’t suck and I don’t want to spend a fortune.” I ended up with something wonderful and two installers on a weekend who actually cleaned up after themselves. It’s unquestionably the best customer service I’ve received in years and I wanted to thank them and also thank you for reading by letting y’all know about a great place to buy tech. If you’re in town it’s worth popping into their showroom in Santa Monica and if you’re out of town they have a reasonably robust online store.

We took the TV out of the family room and put it in the playroom which (like my children) is moving from early childhood to it’s teen years.

The TV in the playroom had been repurposed from the family room and I bought a 55″ LG from Video and Audio Center. Remember how I said the install was great? There’s this.

55 inch lg tv hd google

And the playroom is almost finished. We just have to put a fresh coat of paint on the walls and hang a few pictures. I am soliciting advice on this one. I need help picking a wall color. My daughter wants yellow but I feel like in the early 90’s I had my share of yellow and blue. Perhaps you have a favorite cheerful color to recommend?