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Win $100 Vons Giftcard

Last week my friend Erin won a $1,000 gift card from Vons. Yep, $1,000 just for running through the store and preparing (not cooking) dinner for four, for $25 or less. You can read about it in today’s Daily News.

I don’t have a thousand dollars for anyone, but I do have a hundred. Here are the rules:

  • Create a family dinner for $25 or less
  • Post your recipe and the ingredients on Whrrl
  • Handmade LA will be judging, that means my friends can enter (except you Jeff Rago, cuz you shop there too)
  • The contest closes next Wednesday promptly at noon pacific time
  • Use the hashtag #Vons in your story (preferably in the title so it can be found)

And here are some tips for you

  • The yellow tags are everyday low prices, look for them, they make it easy
  • O Organics brand is another show stopper
  • Buy produce in season and it will be less expensive (anyone for pumpkin soup?)
  • It’s easiest to sign into Whrrl using facebook connect
  • To start a Whrrl story you can click the green button at the top of the page on Whrrl or download it to your iPhone.

If you need inspiration, read more here:

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Sarah Auerswald:

LA Blogger Gal:

LA Examiner:

Ready, Set, Cook!

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Here in Los Angeles we’re mostly Vons, but this is a national competition, if you are in any part of the USA I’d love to have you participate, other stores include:

  • Safeway
  • Vons (CA)
  • Pavilions (CA)
  • Genuardi’s (Delaware Valley—PA, NJ)
  • Dominick’s (Chicago Metro)
  • Carrs (Alaska)
  • Randalls (TX)
  • Tom Thumb (TX)

You can enter from anywhere in the US, but this is where your $100 gift card will work.

UPDATE: you can leave your recipe right here in the comments if you prefer.