I Voted This Morning

I filled out my ballot this morning and have some mixed emotions about sending it in. I won’t get a little I Voted sticker this year. I won’t walk to the polling place with the kids and have them wait while I fill out my ballot in secret. I won’t get to talk to them … Read more

Ask Wayne W. Williams the Clerk and Recorder of El Paso County how this Happens (and he will answer)

Wayne W. Williams is the Clerk and Recorder of El Paso County, Colorado. His employee was at a grocery store looking to register voters who would support Romney. You can contact Wayne W. Williams by phone at 719.520.6202 or via email at [email protected] I have an email into him and I’m very curious how he … Read more

Raising Free Thinkers

Last night we sat at the dinner table and talked about politics. It was a different kind of discussion because Jane is now in the 8th grade and her homework this was to watch the president accept the Democratic nomination. She said she couldn’t watch with us talking because she had to be impartial (apparently … Read more