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The Jew v. The Wasps

If you saw me last Tuesday, you’d have seen a very swollen hand. I was stung while trying to cut down a strip of Trumpet Vine that supports a little wasp’s nest. I was absolutely miserable, and hardly able to make a fist for two days.

Everyone has asked the same questions:

What were you thinking? I was thinking I would cut the section of vine down and the wasps would go away.

Why didn’t you buy a can of spray? Because if it kills wasps it also kills cells in our bodies. No one in this house is allergic to stings so the whole risk reward ratio was skewed in the wasps favor.

Why did you try to cut it down so close to the wasps nest? Why not take a larger section? Ahh, now that’s a good question. Apparently my garden is host to many creatures, including a tiny songbird. She’s in there, sitting on her eggs. I can’t bear to evict her.

Tonight I went out back, armed with only a garden hose and full water pressure, I simply squirted water at the little predators, and guess what? The nest fairly disintegrated, and tomorrow I’ll send my husband out there to snip off the section of vine where it once resided.

Score one for the Jew.