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Tech Talk Tuesday: Mommy Blogging Toolbar

I’ve been a little lax in my Technical Tuesday posts. Here’s the thing, what seems uninteresting and rote to me, just might be interesting to you. Understand that I am the woman who wants nothing more than to get into the Wolfram Alpha because I’m fascinated by Rene Descartes and his ability to “discover” the Cartesian Square.

Yes, I am that nerdy.

To my credit, I also can recognize the value of a sexy pair of heels, iron a shirt like nobody’s business and feed a family of four an organic yummy meal for $5 or less. Yes, I’m a Mommy Blogger, I cast a wide net.

I use Firefox to surf the net, I know people like Safari and IE, but I don’t. I have both installed and I check my sites from time to time using a Mac and the other browsers. I rely on Firefox, and though I know this slows the process, I rely on add ons. My connection speed may be compromised by microseconds, but I don’t have to search for programs and utilities. Long term, the adds ons save me time.


From Left to Right, top to bottom I’ll list and link to what I use.

I am forever adding applications, feeds and addons. What is pictured today, has delighted me today. I have no idea what tomorrow will bring, but I heartily recommend everything pictured. Especially NAG.

Firefox by Mozilla: It’s the best way to surf the web.

Reddit: It’s really great if you are into politics, especially libertarian stuff.

Fireshot: The perfect addon. You can capture the screen and edit it all in their cloud. I’ve used it here.

gMail: Google’s cloud based email. It’s highly searchable, easy to create filters, and yes, I realize that I have 923 unread email messages. *le yawn*

Facebook: If you don’t add content to facebook it’s like picking up the telephone without speaking.

My own RSS feed: I want to see what you see.

Delicious: I don’t use this as much as I should, but Delicious is a great way to keep interesting content well organized.

POPrl: Do you want to know what works and why? Then get this and use it. Trust me. Here’s a link to the feed for my posts.

Compete: Yes, I want to know about your traffic, and I do know. When y’all are talking about how smart/stupid/relevant/irrelevant I am, I do check compete and respond accordingly. I’m more polite in big crowds.

StumbleUpon: I love StumbleUpon and you’ll see part one and part two of how to use it here.

What am I missing? What is your essential addon? Remember the addons do slow things down, so make sure that they’re worth it. These are the addons that I reach for several times every hour.