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Zach Braff

Another Party!?

Yes, another party. Two in one week with one more this weekend.

December is for parties. December is also for families and gratitude. When the folks at PUR told me about their non profit arm I knew I cared. They’re bringing clean water to every child, and they’re doing it in the most natural way. The celebrities… I won’t lie, going to a party with Kenna, Justin Timberlake, Jessica Biel, Zach Braff, Isabel Lucas and Samantha Ronson (and more!) is fantastic, but it makes me feel a little old. Not old in a bad way, old in a good way, a wise way. I’m excited for them, they’re at the beginning of amazing careers with the world at their feet, and they’re using their celebrity to change the world.

Really they are. Summit on the Summit is exciting. I’m going to write more about it early next week, but I’ll give you a taste.

I was talking to Dr. Greg Allgood (who really is all good) and he was telling me about an orphanage in Africa that began when a baby was discovered in a latrine. Then he was telling me about the water sources, and how mothers would have to use the same still water to feed their children that goats had defecated in. He talked about mortality rates and how HIV AIDS deaths occur with dehydration and that clean water is essential. He told me so much, but then he did something magical. He pulled a little packet out of his pocked and showed me how it would turn 10 liters of water into 10 liters of clean drinking water. Really. Dr. Allgood is looking at providing millions of liters of clean drinking water to children in developing countries. If you want to see how the PUR Packets work, check this site out. I have no idea if you can buy these (going to find out) because if you can I’m shoving a few in each car and all over the house in case of earthquake.

The party was an awful lot of fun, the real star for me was Dr. Allgood (you can follow him on twitter here) and the guys from PUR who recognize need and give without limits.

Click through for party pictures, more will be added in the coming days. A special thanks to Jeff Rago who apparently knows everyone and even took a picture with the TMZ photog (I know I know, we broke the Hollywood rule but he was so nice).

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