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Missed Connections: The Soccer Mom

We were at the valet waiting for our cars. It was unseasonably warm so none of us minded much. My Ford was parked right in front and you were waiting for your Range Rover while talking to your girlfriend. I really liked your ponytail, particularly the back comb and the highlights, they looked good. […]

A Family Week in Rarotonga, Cook Islands

This winter we decided to warm up in Rarotonga. Rarotonga is one of the Cook Islands which are basically a tiny dot in the South Pacific. After last year’s trip to Costa Rica I thought we’d try a new experience at less than half the price.

Don’t let that google-automated price tag freak you out. Cook Islands isn’t […]

McDonald’s Tragimercial?

During the football game today I saw the oddest commercial.

McDonald’s is featuring signs from local franchises:
Thank you veterans
God protect the USA
Keep jobs in Toledo
All of us weep for the Columbia Families
We remember 9 11
[A pink sign with pink ribbons]
PRAY for the rescue of the MINERS
Boston Strong
We will be back soon […]

Mom Blogging When You Have Teenage Children

This is what a good mother says about her teenage children in a public forum

You can’t even paint a pretty picture of your teenage kids. I mean you can, but it’s kind of an asshole move. What are you going to talk about? How gracefully they navigated puberty? Their grades? Their friends and that […]


I didn’t like my Facebook Year in Review movie. Some people didn’t like theirs because they had losses that they didn’t want to be reminded of, like Eric Meyer who lost a child. I don’t blame him one bit. I wouldn’t want to review that year with false happiness either. Other people had smaller […]

A New Driver in the House

Roughly six months ago we bought Jane a car. We made this purchase mindfully. As soon as Jane had her driver’s permit I had her do the bulk of the driving. My preference being that by the time she was ready to drive on her own she had at least a hundred hours under […]