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The Killing is Officially Out of Control

This morning when I went to wake Jane Sparky was curled up her bed. Sparky does not sleep with Jane, and we know that the last time Sparky slept with Jane there was not a happy ending to the story.

This morning was no exception. Although Jane’s sheets are lime green with white and green, there are no flecks of black. The flecks of black you see on the bedsheets are actually feathers. And the red? Well, I’m assuming it’s blood, but since we didn’t find a bird body to go with the wings the evidence against the homicidal manic is strictly circumstantial.

Sparky the Cat and her latest kill a bird


2 thoughts on “The Killing is Officially Out of Control”

  1. Ooh, Jane must feel so very loved. She should really start sleeping with one eye open…..that’s one crazy sneaky cat. I mean, how the heck is he getting all of these *treats* past all of you? Ewww

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