Prank Calling: Good Parents… and Me

Jane came home from school yesterday, did her homework and then said, “Gimme the phone! All the girls are going to prank call all the boys!”

She disappeared upstairs, phone list and telephone in hand. I flipped a switch* and listened at she called one of the boys:

Hello this is your father. Tell your mother that I just sold my script to Sony.

And then she giggled and hung up, maybe even in that order. There were two or three more phone calls, and a few moments thereafter there were some calls made to my home.

It was funny.

So I sent this email to the class.


I got the predictable results.

Thank you for the chuckle.

They’re so cute.

Your daughter called my house and WTF with the accent?

And then there were the emails I didn’t expect. They all started with “Was it my child?” and “We’d like to teach him/her boundaries.”


Boundaries? Shoot! I completely forgot that not everyone simply lives for April Fools Day. Some of these parents have real and actual jobs. They need their phones so that places like Sony can call. Not everyone thinks a prank call is an art form.


Here’s the really interesting part. They aren’t crazy, stodgy or weird. They’re parents that I’d probably go to for advice. They are parents with older children, or who work in academic settings. They’re good parents, parents with foresight. I can’t dismiss them as stupid, old, or humorless; because I know them, and they’re the kind of parent I’d like to be.

I wonder how they’d feel about iFart?

*Yes, I regularly use the intercom system to eavesdrop, tell Jane and you’re dead meat.

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