Please Sign My Little League Petition

I have a big problem with Little League Baseball. In the middle of the parking lot is a blue building, it’s called The Snack Bar. During one of the 800 two hour long baseball games this weekend, I merrily trotted over to The Snack Bar hoping to quench my thirst.

“I’ll have a hot dog and a glass of Malbec please.” I told the gal at the counter.

“Uh, I don’t think we have Mal-beck.” she answered.

“Oh, okay then a glass of Merlot.” I said.

Then she went to get her mom, who was not thrilled that I’d asked her tween for booze.

“But it’s a Bar!” I plead.

“It’s a snack bar.” and she wasn’t smiling.

Y’all snack your way, but if you’re going to call it a Snack Bar, I damn well expect some booze there.

Please sign your name below and let Little League of America know that us Mommies are onto their false advertising. I’m going to have to go out on a limb and demand that Little League gives me the bar they told me I’d get.

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  1. In case you come up short on your petition may I suggest smuggling some vodka in a pierre bottle?

  2. You haven’t seen all the flasks that people “sneak” in have you.

  3. Or at least change the name to Concession Stand. I mean, really!

  4. Dez

    They don’t serve beer at the University of Minnesota Gopher’s football stadium, and you want merlot at a little league game… If you can get beer at the stadium I’ll sign your petition :-)

  5. Slackmom always taught me that you prep a thermos of coffee. Except that it’s half coffee, half [insert alcohol of yr choice.] No wonder everyone always wanted to sit next to her…

  6. Will have to file away the slackmistresses comment for when I take Binary Boy to sporting events. I don’t know if I could take 2+ hours of sports in one day without alcohol.

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