An Angry Waxer

I had a wax today, and she was angry. The waxing hurt too.

She grimaced at me, saying she didn’t have all day. “Drop trou, and put your feet on this end,” was how it began.

Then she told me about her sister who feeds her four children fast food every day, and has neither an oven nor a job. I had to agree that the sister sounded not very good.

She mercilessly ripped hair from my nether regions while telling me about working in television, and D listers didn’t have the courtesy to remember her name. “That’s just awful,” I echoed.

And then she told me about her miscarriage, the relationship that ended with it, and the new path she was going down.

As waxing goes, it was awful, but everyone has a story to tell, and I hope hers has a happy ending. She was a nice lady.

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  1. Wow, don’t ever go back to her if you can’t remember her name – sounds like she’ll rip off your entire lower half!

  2. Yikes!

    Whenever I get waxed, the gal always goes off too?!?! What is that? I mean, do they think they have you in a vulnerable enough position that they could say antyhing they want to you and you won’t fight back?

  3. okay…OWWWWWWWWW. “I feel your pain” (in my best Bill Clinton). Dang girl!!



  4. that is hysterical. i know more about the woman that waxes me then I do about some of my dearest friends. seems only right, doesn’t it. something karmic about it.

  5. As Ultra Short stories go, this one is GOLD, m’lady. Almost Zen like.

  6. That’s scary!! I don’t think I would want her waxing me again! *eek*

  7. Score one for regions with a cold season: no need for mid-winter waxing or exposure to the sadists who perform it. Ouchie.

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