Lexus HS250H Lease

If you follow me on twitter you know that I’ve been car shopping. It feels like it’s been going on forever, and to some degree it has.

My husband and I both needed new cars. I wanted something safe, Jane wanted a hybrid, my husband wants something fast and no one wants to pay too much.

Lexus has an amazing program for the HS250H that ends tomorrow. If you’re near Van Nuys, CA I went to Sam Santoso at Keyes. It was the easiest transaction I’ve ever had, and it was not particularly expensive.

In the interest of sharing what I think is a very good deal (even though this feels hideously tacky), I’ll give you the details of my lease. It’s $1,200 cash and $450 a month, 36 months and 12,000 miles are included as well as the technology package (duh- I’m still me), upgraded chrome wheels, and two years of service.

How do I know this is a good lease program? Well, when I was at the dealership yesterday driving the car and Sam was very apologetic when his cell phone rang. “I’m really sorry, I need to take this call.” I wandered a few moments, and after Sam finished the call he said, “This guy wants exactly the same car as you, except in black on black and he’s giving me the grind.” I smiled at him and said, “well, just structure my deal like his and I won’t have to give you the grind.”

The guy on the phone? It’s my husband’s best friend. I saw his deal, he saw mine, it’s all good.
Now we just need one more car. I’m pretty sure I know what Mr. G wants, we just have to find it.

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  1. omg. that’s in my price range!! i CAN get a little lexus!!! my parents only drive lexus, they swear by them!! and they are so cute!! congrats. and since i’m in the market for a new car, i’m going to look into one too!!

    • I am not a fan of Suze Orman, and one day I’ll be sure and tell you the multitude of reasons why.

      Yes, for my family, leasing is better than buying. It’s a lifestyle decision that includes convenience, luxury and wanting the latest and greatest safety engineering. My 3 year old BMW did not have dual stage airbags.

      • Enjoy the new car. Sounds like it works for your family to lease. I do enjoy Suze Orman and think she offers some great advice. Happy driving!

  2. That is a REALLY good deal. Congratulations – and I hope you get the second car wrapped up shortly, too. It’s fun to shop for cars… at first.

  3. yay-zers!! And there’s nothing like a brand new car that makes you NOT mind picking up your teen from the movies at 10pm at night instead of b!tching about it. Go on and breathe in that new car smell, woman. Ahhhh!

  4. Glad to see you found something that fit. That is an awesome program they have. I am sorry that we didn’t have something that worked for you. If I can help you with anything in the future, feel free to contact me. If you know of anyone looking for a Ford/Lincoln/Jaguar/Astin Martin, please send them my way. Enjoy your new car. Patrick Wellman

    • Oh Patrick, I really did want the Ford to be the car for me, but I couldn’t pass up a lease program like this one.

      We still have one more car to buy. Do you think I could get an Astin Martin for $700 a month with no money down? What if I beg with a “pretty please”?

  5. Love the service that has come with my Lexus. The complimentary car wash makes it worth it to me. Though we have bought and leased vehicles we never, and I mean my husband is so vehemently opposed to, putting money down on cars. Something about the amount to put down lowers the payment in smaller amount than the money sitting in your pocket collecting your own interest or is it paying down on a depreciating asset? Either way, congrats on finding something you enjoy!


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