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CVS Drugs Twitter party

I’m really excited to share a great opportunity with y’all. I think y’all know that I end up at CVS a lot. In the middle of the night the kids get sick, and CVS is always open.

In the middle of the day you might find me there picking up a new mascara, or even making a photo book. CVS is so much more than a drugstore, and they’d really like to reach out and meet all you wonderful tweeters.

Tonight at 7 pm pacific time we’ll have a one hour twitter party with representatives from #CVS on hand. They want to hear from you, they want to talk about how CVS is a part of your life. It’s just an hour, so be on time. CVS has tons of giftcards and fun giveaways planned, but you have to RSVP to be eligible for any giveaways.

Please leave your twitter ID in the comments, and this will serve as your RSVP.

I know I’ve been critical of Twitter Parties in the past, so I’m excited to see if we can try together to do one that’s really great.

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  1. I’m in, Nutcase101.

  2. Karyn

    sounds fun! mcqueenie23

  3. You’re having a Twitter party? Is this an April Fool’s joke? ;-)

  4. Sounds good! @89linz

  5. Amy H.

    I’m in! Just played Easter Bunny at CVS yesterday. @mrshemphill

  6. OK – I wanna see a Twitter party done @jessicagottlieb style. Count @socalmom in!

  7. I’ll be there @1stopmom

  8. I wouldn’t miss it for the world. In fact, I’m going to cancel all my other plans and let my kids go without dinner just to be there. This is major.

  9. I’ll be there!


  10. sherri haymond

    assuming i’m awake, i’ll be there. though i still think this is an april fools joke miss jessica ;)

  11. ruth

    im in. ruthhannahs

  12. Summer

    @sweetone624 I can’t wait to party!

  13. I won’t be there. I’m a Walgreen’s kind of gal so don’t be surprised if I hijack your hashtag to interject my own agenda. #neverbeendonebefore? right?

    We aren’t currently following each other, but you can follow me @AF_FTW…

  14. ANNA M


  15. Hmm, something smells fishy but I’ll check it out for at lease a giggle @amykramer

  16. jay

    would love to if I can be a bit late- that’s kids bedtime! @crypticmama

  17. Peachhead
    I am in the Bahamas but if I have Internet access at this time I will be at the Twitter party

  18. Now I just need to remember!

    Caroline @
    Twitter: SmartyPantsMama

  19. Sorry, I’m already “making an appearance” at a 7-11 Facebook soiree tonight.

  20. I’m going to a “real” dinner party this evening… Well, just dinner. As I suspect you will be, too…

    And damn, you’re good!

  21. Damn – the one night I am out for the evening… wonder if I can tweet from my iPhone from Toluca Lake? How’s the reception out there?

    Any one? Any one? Bueller?

  22. You? Oughta be ashamed. Look at all of these people excited for CVS!

    April Fool, you totally didn’t get me.

  23. DAMN IT!! I was trying to text you and my phone auto rebooted and deleted your contact!!! Text me your number, please.

  24. Count me in! @lastylistmom #ihopeiwinafuckingtoiletwand

  25. Jean P

    I’ll be there! @geekbabe

  26. RSVP @freesamplemomma

  27. SB

    i’ll be there! @letsgolakers086

  28. Linda Bundrick

    I am rsvping : @nutmeg237 !!!

  29. jillyrh on twitter

    RSVP @jillyrh

    Sounds like fun!

  30. Katy M

    I actually really like GOOD Twitter Parties.

    This one sounds GOOD. I’ll be there!!! @katygmorris on Twitter

    Thanks!!! :)

  31. Carol S

    Sounds fun! RSVP- @carolasar

  32. NJJ

    Count me in I love CVS @WildOrchids09

  33. crystal aka @lovemy21b

    RSVP @lovemy21b

  34. Katy

    RSVP @kitkat234

  35. Jennifer

    I’ll be there – @jamiain

  36. Elizabeth Wilkins

    Hey I love a good party! I’m just learning how to CVS so this is great! Twitter name is. @mgmommy0930

  37. That Danielle

    I am SO there! @ishillfortoiletwandsanddecongestants

  38. Wendy

    I am sooooooo jealous that I am in the wrong country and will miss this one, what does CVS stand for Can Vaginas Speak, darn right they can when they belong to a party going Mommy blogger ( see I even said Mommy not the correct Mummy ) Can I win some toilet duck I am right out ?

  39. I will be there, my twitter username is @rsmstahley Thanks!

  40. trippin ballz

    I’m so there!

    Drugs are bad, mmmmkay

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