My eleven year old daughter desperately wants to wear a bikini, and just this morning I explained to her (for the 800th time) that she would wear a tankini instead. A tankini shows a bit of belly, but essentially looks like a tank top and swim bottoms. I’d considered letting Jane wear a bikini this year. I figured she’d be so uncomfortable in it that she’d beg for a one piece, but the reality is that I can’t bring myself to sexualize my eleven year old daughter.

My job as her mother is to allow her age appropriate opportunities. Eleven is a great age, Jane should enjoy it.

Our kids attend a school where they wear uniforms each day. When discussing the uniform issue with a middle school educator he said, “I worry that girls put on clothing that they don’t really want to wear.” That resonated with me.

Here’s a video of seven year old girls dancing to the Beyonce Single Ladies song. These kids are clearly incredibly talented. The dancing is polished, and I’m sure the Laker Girls would be envious of more than a few moves. I just question the judgment of the parents. My daughter and most of her friends would not be allowed in that competition, I have a hard time imagining the parents who thought it was cute.

When is dancing too suggestive?

I have an easier time imagining Dita Von Teese wearing these outfits than a seven year old child.

I found myself very careful about the wording on this post, as I’m quite certain that there’s a ped0phil3 community that is searching for content just like this.

UPDATE: The video has been pulled due to copyright issues after it was viewed 2,000,000 times. Here is a link where you can see it.

I know at least one person will call me puritanical. I’m okay with that.

This just wouldn’t fly in my house, or in my friends’ houses.

UPDATE: The girls are actually eight and nine, per their parents.

UPDATE May 16: of course the video has resurfaced. It’s a fantasy to think that they’d get it pulled from every venue.

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