Off Kilter


I didn’t bring my kids to school this morning, I didn’t even make sure they brushed their teeth after breakfast. I didn’t even make them breakfast, they had cereal.

Mr. G loosely supervised the morning routine and our carpool brought them to school this morning while I brought Junior in for a little dental work. Since Junior is such a tiny dog they cannot clean his teeth without sedating him. If they apply pressure to his tiny little front teeth and he resists there is a great danger of the tooth simply breaking apart.

Junior isn’t really the best example of evolution. He’s a better example of inbreeding.

Nothing’s wrong with anyone really, but I feel off kilter. I need my routine and I need to get my kids off to school every morning in order to feel normal. I didn’t get that today.

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2 responses to “Off Kilter”

  1. Give yourself a break.  You could’ve been doing Jello shots off a male prostitute’s six pack while snorting industrial cleaner.  

  2. It’s not just our kids who need routines. We all do to feel “normal” at times.

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