Celine Aviator Sunglasses

I just had to have these. I’ve always wanted aviators but I don’t love the round look that Ray Ban has. Celine aviators are surprisingly sturdy and didn’t break the bank.


It’s delightfully tacky that you can see the full selfie in their reflection, no? Well, at least I’m wearing my seatbelt.


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  • Pam

    You may have just solved my aviator issue. Who has these?

  • Kayla

    Cute! They look good on you, too!

  • I am pretty much in love with those. 

  • csimon2007

    Don’t be mad if I show up in these very same sunglasses. They are really cute! 

  • Brotherarmy

    wow u look awesome in those =)

  • Terrimb65

    A tad big for your face!

  • Denise

    What’s the serial number for these? Are they the Celine’s 1488? Thanks! They suit you well.