Fair.com Review: I Got a Car, I Think, Maybe…

If you are trying to gauge the direction of the retail automotive market Fair.com is worth watching. They’re a lot like Maven, Canvas, and Book except the cars are used, and you work directly with the dealership, not the manufacturer.

We opted to use Fair.com because my daughter wanted a convertible and I want her to want to come home for the summer. I also wanted her to be safe and in a relatively new vehicle. I found a fun car on May 9th and put in a request. All of my emails (which in reality are just chats initiated in the app) went unanswered.

Phones are spotty with Fair as well. They say office hours are 9-6, a second voicemail says 10-7, but the reality is that the phones were answered less than half the times I’d called midday. When I did get a person on the phone on May 19th they were like, “Ummm.. yeah, that car isn’t available.”

You’ll recall from my previous post that I’d been trying to get a car from Fair.com for a full ten days at that point.

I found another car, a 2015 VW Beetle convertible. It had 15,000 miles on it and was $800 down and $420 a month, you can turn it in with 5 days notice and the term is as long or short as you please. Additionally one of their employees had been sharing a coupon code all over the web. Recently I got my own so now you can use JG100 to save $100 on the drive off for a Fair.com vehicle. 

It was simple. I signed docs online and then tried to confirm with Fair via the app (it’s email – but whatever) that I wanted to get the car that day. No one responded. I called. No one answered. I sent an SOS type chat through the app and got a phone call saying I could get the car the following day at 4.

There was no indication of who to speak to upon pickup. Communication from Fair.com is abysmal.

I risked it and had my son drive me to Thousand Oaks. He’s a damn hero for making that trek. As I wandered onto the lot, I was directed to the sales manager who had the car clean and waiting for me. He was very nice, it was one signature, he showed me the car, and I was done.

Sort of. The car’s been in an accident. The bumper has fresh paint on it, and it’s out of alignment. No, it doesn’t show on carfax. That doesn’t mean that work hasn’t been done. I’m not even concerned that it’s unsafe, I simply don’t want to get dinged for it when I return the car in August or September.

Of course, there’s been no response from Fair.com. No acknowledgment whatsoever that I sent emails and photos indicating prior damage.

But after speaking with the sales manager I understand why.

Fair.com buys the car from the dealer and leases it to me. When the term is complete the car will roll right out to auction. Fair.com isn’t in the car business. Fair.com is in the banking business. Which is fine, it just explains why they aren’t very good at cars. They’re good at meeting my fiscal needs, so that’s what made me their customer.

There’s a very limited warranty, but I’m not overly concerned as it’s a newer and low mileage vehicle.

I’d also like to add that one of Fair.com’s founders is also the founder of TrueCar.com. I’m going to assume that all pricing is… well…. neither True nor Fair. Again, it worked for me, but I’m waiting to see who comes out of the gates to challenge them because the experience thus far is lackluster at best.

Fair.com emails are a mess

Ten days after my inquiry I received a response from fair. Of course it was for the first car, not the one I’d gotten from them three days prior. It’s a mess over there.

Now learn what it’s like to return a Fair.com lease. 

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  1. I agree with you. There’s really no one to talk to if you need any type of help with your lease or any information – they are not in the “car” business – I wish I had know that. Their computer systems are always down and if the phones get too busy, then the calls roll over to India!! And speaking to a Manager is impossible because I don’t think they have any. I mainly end up speaking to people at a call center in Florida who proceed to read my account information back to me but offer no real solutions. It’s been THE worst experience in my life! And, it’s not over yet… sorry to say.. I would not recommend them to anyone!!

  2. Working on my families 3rd fair car other than having to go to timbuktu to get it the experience has been good payments are reasonable down affordable I admit I haven’t had to call for much of anything but on the one occasion got a person with not much effort….for the first car had a no down voucher paid tax and liscense for the second car paid 800 down had a 200 dollar off coupon so I feel it’s worked great for us

    1. Saturday night at what time. I though they stop at 6pm. If it was after 6pm please tell me how. In fact does any one know a good way to maximize your chances of getting a hold of someone.

  3. I thought I ordered a car. Waited over 48 hours after the initial confirmation email and finally contacted them via their chat app. Dealer canceled the car because a seller off the street wanted it. No one from Fair had even bothered to contact me telling me. In the end they were like, “yeah, select another car and hopefully it all works out”. I’m Not sure this is even a legitimate business.

  4. I know the Car Biz.
    GOOD Customer Service is VERY IMPORTANT
    I look at Fair and see that it can be easy to get
    Used Car. Questionable history hi miles high pmt.

  5. I’m so glad I read the these reviews before leasing an Uber vehicle from Fair. Thank you for taking time to post this experience and helping unsuspecting buyers dodge this bullet. I’ll go to Hertz for my Uber vehicle lease because there is human-being, live customer service if assistance is needed.

  6. It is a good concept that dealerships who need to get rid of old used cars jumped on for more options to move questionable trade-in vehicles. I sold cars for 17 years, this is an option for 10% of the general population of consumers who want to lease for a specific amount of time. To hear 16 good stories and 64 horror stories and think this is a good idea, when it goes bad for you just simply look in the mirror and not the financial company for your complaints. All the signs are there, if you chose to ignore them you will be a victim as well. $1000 down and $420 a month for the summer? There is NO value in that!

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  7. I had some issues with finding a car that was still available (their inventory goes fast!). However, once I got one that was available, it was the best car checkout and pickup experience I’ve ever had. I completed all signatures at home within the fair app, and spent only a few minutes at the dealership for them to hand me my keys.

    If anyone is interested, here’s a promo code for $100 off the start fee:


  8. Thanks for all the reviews, it really helps, but just curious, has anyone actually returned a car with fair.com? I wonder if there are fees and stuff that comes when you return the car no matter what condition it is in… Thanks!

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  9. Chatted with FAIR chat today and several days ago. All I get is scripted answers to my questions. I had 4 very specific questions. Took quite a while to get any response then all they did was sent me scripted info that was on the app already. I explained the good customer service is a deal-breaker for me and that I needed my specific questions answered. I was on chat 45+ minutes and not 1 of my 4 questions was answered so I told them nevermind and uninstalled the app. If they cannot answer questions now then I cant count on them when I get a car either. They are not worth the headache and I havnt read any good reviews about them other than the ones thats THEY post on themselves.

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  10. Here is $100 off promo code for your start payment 4VTE7F2B. I used it and it’s working successfully. I have good experience with fair and now days they quickly provide the car at the low monthly rate. Must Try Deal for everyone.

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      I was over on miles and it was no big deal, I just paid for them, a few extra dollars as it wasn’t many miles. You have to have cars insured and if you don’t have insurance currently it would be an easy way to have a minimal policy. I don’t think those are the limits I’d want as a homeowner but if I was 20 something with few assets maybe.

  11. ES I got a car though fair everything was fine until they deleted my fair appt on my phone . Now they keep asking me if I want a car I already have a car though fair . They was taking the money out of my bank account for January and February and March April they don’t now I am a payment late . So be careful dealing with fair they don’t take May payment out of my account . I been in contact with them though chat on their Fair appt . My car for personal use not share a ride program they have me set up for two accounts

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