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If you watch PBS or listen to NPR, please consider showing your support by joining the following grassroots effort –

If you read my website understand that without Net Neutrality this blog will probably go away. I am going to BEG YOU to please get involved in this absolutely critical issue. Please share your thoughts about Net Neutrality in the comments below. I’m too overtired this week to do it justice.


If you are married, no matter how long you will enjoy Spousonomics. I was lucky enough to get a galley copy and every marriage can benefit from a book like this.

Allison Gilbert wrote Parentless Parents, it is a beautiful tribute to parenthood and family. I was accidentally sent two copies, if you see me in person this week I’ll give you my extra copy. If you’re parenting without one or both of your parents this is an excellent resource, if you are parenting with your parents still around it’s an exceptionally well written book that will keep you grateful. Allison is someone who I have followed in social networks for a few years and she consistently gives more than she takes. Her compassion shines through in this book, and I am excited to support her.

Marsha Collier wrote The Ultimate Online Customer Service Guide this is a great resource for any business owner, marketer, or businessperson who cares about their customer’s satisfaction. (Marsha is a friend, but this isn’t that kind of book. This is quite simply a book that you need.)

Guy Kawasaki sent me a copy of Enchantment it’s a fabulous guide to making your brand the Apple of everyone’s eye. Pun intended.

I’m just finishing up the first Wallander book Faceless Killers. It’s divine, but I’m reading only a page a day, because I don’t want to be done. What fiction should I read next?


Gentlemen, if you’d like every day to be a steak and blowjob day you must read Nina’s post titled Crap Women Don’t Want For Valentine’s Day

You don’t have to be from Los Angeles to appreciate How To Live in Los Angeles it’s a fabulous post from a writer I hadn’t discovered before this week.


I’ve joined and I really like it. Connect with me there. @Jessica

My Threesome with Guy

Yes, Guy did personally pack and ship my book. Read it and you'll see why

Jessica, Thanks for the help with Alltop. Guy Kawasaki

I haven’t be a thoughtful blogger, a slow blogger, a prolific blogger or a coherent blogger. I’ve stumbled my way into some success in this little corner of the web, but it’s been peppered with bombastic rants and my knowledge that I can’t do this alone.

For some wacky reason Guy Kawasaki and Neenz have added me to the Alltop Ego page. If you wanted to know the real reason you’d see it all over Chapter 58. If you wanted to know why I was on the page with Seth Godin, Robert Scoble, Dooce, Dilbert and Malcom Gladwell you’d be reading chapter 59.

Back to the threesome. Robert and I are readers, I read comic books novels with my book club and devour non fiction, ignoring all advice and twisting it into meaningless bits of garbage. Robert reads the Art of War and everything Malcolm Gladwell has ever written, he takes notes, he listens, he applies good advice to his work life and, well, you can see that our marriage is two very different people in one home.

Last night I came to bed with Guy and Reality Check. Rob starts peeking over my shoulder and he’s nodding his head. I’m shaking mine, “OhMyGawd I’m an asshole”, Robert looks to the ceiling, I look up too, but see nothing.

Robert wants to read about The Psychology of Influencing People, I calmly explain to him that screaming and yelling is best, and if they still won’t listen a house key to the car works well. Robert ignores me, and keeps yanking the book Guy Kawasaki over to his side of the bed. I remind him that I’m going to speak on a panel at Consumer Reports in January so I’m officially a really big deal and I want to read the chapters about Public Speaking. He reminds me that my other guy Malcom was just waiting in the wings.

So, I read about Marita’s Bargain and remembered that I adored Malcolm too, and well.

We made it a foursome. Me and three super smart guys.

*Buy both books, I don’t care what industry you’re in, you need Outliers and Reality Check to make sense of the world. Full disclosure, not monetized one bit, it’s really just advice. Good advice, and I have very little of that to give.