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Things I Want to Share With You


If you watch PBS or listen to NPR, please consider showing your support by joining the following grassroots effort –

If you read my website understand that without Net Neutrality this blog will probably go away. I am going to BEG YOU to please get involved in this absolutely critical issue. Please share your thoughts about Net Neutrality in the comments below. I’m too overtired this week to do it justice.


If you are married, no matter how long you will enjoy Spousonomics. I was lucky enough to get a galley copy and every marriage can benefit from a book like this.

Allison Gilbert wrote Parentless Parents, it is a beautiful tribute to parenthood and family. I was accidentally sent two copies, if you see me in person this week I’ll give you my extra copy. If you’re parenting without one or both of your parents this is an excellent resource, if you are parenting with your parents still around it’s an exceptionally well written book that will keep you grateful. Allison is someone who I have followed in social networks for a few years and she consistently gives more than she takes. Her compassion shines through in this book, and I am excited to support her.

Marsha Collier wrote The Ultimate Online Customer Service Guide this is a great resource for any business owner, marketer, or businessperson who cares about their customer’s satisfaction. (Marsha is a friend, but this isn’t that kind of book. This is quite simply a book that you need.)

Guy Kawasaki sent me a copy of Enchantment it’s a fabulous guide to making your brand the Apple of everyone’s eye. Pun intended.

I’m just finishing up the first Wallander book Faceless Killers. It’s divine, but I’m reading only a page a day, because I don’t want to be done. What fiction should I read next?


Gentlemen, if you’d like every day to be a steak and blowjob day you must read Nina’s post titled Crap Women Don’t Want For Valentine’s Day

You don’t have to be from Los Angeles to appreciate How To Live in Los Angeles it’s a fabulous post from a writer I hadn’t discovered before this week.


I’ve joined and I really like it. Connect with me there. @Jessica

7 thoughts on “Things I Want to Share With You”

  1. Gentlemen, if you’d like every day to be a steak and blowjob day

    Of course we do- but not at the expense of feeding into a fake holiday. One day soon we’ll hold the million man march on Hallmark and we’ll end the oppression. VDay will die a terrible death and men around the country will rejoice.

    Thanks for the tip on How to Live in La- love this line:
    Come to the conclusion that L.A. will never adapt, you will adapt to L.A.

  2. Love the Valentine’s Day post. I told my husband “Look, we’re saving money, so don’t buy me any stupid crap, OK? Let’s just go out and eat too much.”

    He listened. We stuffed our faces (yesterday was our Valentine’s, as he works on Monday), and, well, it wasn’t steak day later, but I’ll leave the rest unsaid.

    Great links here. Especially the first two. Yesyesyes.

  3. Net Neutrality is such a critical issue, and one I’m sadly afraid isn’t really going to be a reality due to corporate interests. However, that said, I’m behind the issue 100%! The Nonprofit Technology Network is holding its 3-day conference in Washington, DC this March and among the offerings the first day is a lobby day about Net Neutrality. I’m signed up and ready to talk my Congressman and Senator’s ear off about its importance!

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