I’m Not The Welcome Wagon, but I’ve Got Some Advice For You


I don’t know much about Mom Blogging that you don’t already know. You’re a mom, you’ve got a kid or two, maybe three, and talk about your new life as Mom, and, if you’re lucky, a community will form around you.

Every day more moms are throwing their hats in the ring. I understand why, too. Publicists are falling all over themselves to toss free things at any mom with a blog. I’m not saying that this is a bad thing, I’m simply stating that there’s little quality control involved. Diana is swimming in pitches, and here are some of the stats on her site from Website Grader.


Promoting Your Product in Three Easy Steps: Email, Send, Pimp


It starts like this. There’s an email that includes, “I noticed you write at Celsias and Green Options (interesting National Lampoon does nothing for them). My client has a new product that is going to save us from ourselves. Can I send it to you/you the press release.”

With some regularity the answer is yes, I write a review, and send the PR person a link to the review.

They say, “Thank you.” and I never hear from them again.

Bad. Business.

Like any other part of our lives, social media (yes, when you read my blog you are engaged in social media) is about relationships. Facebook, Linked In, Blogs and web pages are all about building relationships.

Make me like you. Here’s how. Use E.S.P. Email, Send, Pimp: