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Is it just me? Barak Obama, Chairman Mao and Andy Warhol

Please understand that I won’t be poking fun at McCain any time soon.

Why? First off, I’m a registered Republican (for now), and secondly because he’s one crazee ass motherfucker that could probably kill me with a strand of twine and a wet matchstick. I’m not voting for thrilled with Obama but I’m pretty sure I can say what I like and stay out of prison.

So McCain is off limits here.


5 thoughts on “Is it just me? Barak Obama, Chairman Mao and Andy Warhol”

  1. Oh yes.


    Rob from the lucky er rich, spread it around.

    Give it all to the government so that they can decide who deserves what.

    This place and the people in it truly frighten me sometimes…

    People are actually digging the compost he’s throwing on them.

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