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Midway Car Rental Review: Filed Under She Couldn’t Make This Up

I’m in a Midway rental car. You see Friday night the doors on my car locked and stayed that way. Seriously, we had to get out of the car a la The Dukes of Hazzard. I decided that it wasn’t safe and that I’d bring my car into the shop Saturday morning.

The dealership was not delighted to see me and asked me to make an appointment. I explained to them that we had 6 figures of cars from them and that with 15,000 miles on it, I was entitled demand safety. They finally agreed and when they wouldn’t couldn’t locate a loaner car for me, they called Midway and arranged for a rental.

Midway offered me a Jeep Wrangler.
I stared them down and explained that puberty was over.
Midway explained that my car dealer only paid $28 a day.
I asked them to call the service manager. (called his bluff)
While on hold the rental agent decided to upgrade me to a minivan.

Fuck you too pal. So I’m driving a minivan and it makes me feel just as horrible as you might imagine any minivan would. I’m not pissed at Midway for upgrading me, I’m just generally pissed that anyone thinks I belong in a minivan. (FYI the kids love it and they have been summarily grounded…. forever)

There are two problems with the minivan. The rear hatch falls down on you. It’s bad but avoidable, I’d planned on mentioning it to them when I dropped the car off, but this phone call changed my mind:

ME: Good morning I have one of your rental cars and a warning light just came on.

MIDWAY: Can I get the car number?

[we go back and forth, I give her the car number and describe the warning light]

MIDWAY: Oh, that’s just a tire pressure light. You can bring it to a gas station and have it checked.

ME: What if there’s a bigger problem?

MIDWAY: If you feel like you’re unsafe you can bring the car to us and we’ll give you another car.

ME: I think your North Hollywood location is closed on Sunday.

MIDWAY: No, we’re open here at LAX. (about a 45 minute drive)

*crickets* I was hoping in the silence that she realizes how asinine her response is. No such luck.

MIDWAY: Did you want to bring the car in?

And I hung up. Because talking to my 7 year old is more intellectually rewarding.

Here’s a glimpse into the manager’s office. It’s not really part of the review, it should just make you giggle.

5 thoughts on “Midway Car Rental Review: Filed Under She Couldn’t Make This Up”

  1. do not ever rent a car in midway,,they have the worst on earth attitude and most of all they will pulled this scam on you especially if your credit card said it will pay for damage and they will find you a part of the car that they claim is damage.

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