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Why I Bought My Mom A Wii

I think we all know that one surefire way to raise an underachieving slacker is to buy them a Wii.

Simply put, high achieving homes don’t let their 7 year old sons sit around and waste their days with Wii tennis and Mario Super-Loser-Town. If I poke around the web I’ll find a handful of housewives who have spent the day flat on their asses with a Wii Nunchuck in their hands.

So when my husband said, “No video games in our house”. I agreed, vehemently.

Then I went to Lisa’s house and watched while our sons played Wii sports. I’m fairly certain I did a good job of nodding and uh-huh-ing at all the proper intervals. Lisa might even have thought I was listening to her.

I was fighting the urge to knock the kids out of the way and smash the tennis racket. Who taught these boys how to swing? What massive failure is it when seven year olds delicately swing on a serve? Has no one explained velocity to them? Why does their backhand start so late? Oh, the feet. It’s all I can do to not rip the controllers out of their sticky little hands and…

Oh, I was supposed to be having an adult conversation.

I realized I really wanted a Wii.
I realized my husband didn’t want one in our house, and has very good reasons for it.
My husband and I are a united front with our children.

But my mother isn’t part of that united front. So I bought her a Wii.

I’ll proudly report that I schooled the kids at Wii Tennis without spilling a drop of red wine.

[muttering *** exercise, my fat ass….]

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  1. I would love a Wii, but we, too, have decided that it will be a video-game free house. Except, this was after I got my Nintendo DS, which I still play on occasion and enjoy every minute of. Hehehe.

  2. We also just got and Wii and love it. It is the perfect “screen time” entertainment pleasure… Wii tennis is fun, if you create lots of Mii’s then they show up as audience at the games..

  3. I need to qualify my above comment… I hate video games. HATE them! But the Wii is somehow different… Wii sports, Wii fit, and Wii Summer Olympics… Those aren’t your computer nerd or shoot-em-up gangster video games. They are hilarious and will cause you to be sore afterwards.


  4. I totally hate video games and think they’re a huge waste of time.

    What, Wii Golf? Tennis? I fucking love video games. For about 25 minutes. (That’s a huge compliment, there, Wii.)

  5. My house is horrible, my husband is a geek, he works IT for a living, and so am I, although I prefer to be put under the category of science geek. Between the two of us, we have 4 working computers (there are skeletons and parts littering the office and the garage thanks to my husband), an Xbox360 (mostly for my husbands occasional Halo playing), a Nintendo DS (mine!), and finally a Wii (yay, for kicking my husband’s butt in bowling). I have chosen not to list all the old gaming consoles we have sitting in boxes. The Wii is by far our favorite gaming platform.

    Despite our mass amount of gaming paraphernalia we do plan on being extremely strict about video game/computer usage in our house as I know plenty of young people who allow it to suck up their time and result in them ignoring life. Hopefully my kids will be too busy when they become old enough to really get into that stuff.

  6. I so love you and your parenting/wifing/getting along with the opposite sex traits.

    Try Rock Band; it’s fun as hell and you can use it to introduce the kiddos to some fun music. (read our gen music)

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