Passive Aggressive Notes: From My Son?

Monday I made my famous ribs (okay the only difference with my ribs and these is that I use freshly grated ginger and much less sugar and honey) and invited one of my favorite tennis parters to join us for supper. Jackie is an amazing tennis player, but in addition to that she’s a lovely guest. As a retired school teacher she just seems to know what to bring kids.

Each of my kids got a packet of eco-friendly pencils, a few colored pens, a highlighter and Post It Notes.

Kids Love Post It Notes.

And this is what I found on Alexander’s mirror tonight:

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When We Fail Our Children

Having just returned from our daughter Jane’s parent teacher conference, I’m trying to decide if writing about it is fair or not. This is her school, no? Sadly, although it is her school the conference is my failure. It’s not a small failure either, it’s my downfall as a mother, perhaps as a wife too. … Read more

You’re, Like Totally Invading their Privacy

So I’m on the soccer field and a Dad looks at me knowingly, “I googled you and it was, um, fun.” The Mommies look at my slyly and whisper, “please don’t talk about the time I ______.” No worries, darlin’ I don’t tell your secrets to anyone.

I do, however, share my kids’ secrets, and some people think that’s bad.

Are Mommy Bloggers in the business of exploiting their children? Short answer? Oh yeah. Long answer? Yes, and we’re entitled to it. Let me explain why.

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Freckle is not an F-Word

This afternoon I picked the kids up from school, and Jane came running across the yard. “Mom, we got our school pictures today! Mom, guess what? They took everyone’s freckles away. Everyone!” Jane was ebullient. I was struck dumb. “Mom,” she continued, “You wouldn’t even recognize Caitlin, without her freckles she looks so different!” “Show … Read more