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As a Nod To the White Trash Mom

Because I’ve read the book cover to cover and I’m super stalker over at her website, I will heed the warning of White Trash Mom (WTM) and not join the Muffia. Remember the hideous mean girls from Junior High? Well, they’re part of the PTA now and if you can’t sidestep them gracefully your children will pay the price.

With that being said I have only two things to offer you.

Adam's composition last night


This picture, which a Muffia Mother would use in order to demonstrate that her child is clearly smarter than yours. But I won’t do that because today I’m paying attention to The White Trash Mom Handbook and not being an ass.

And a question for all my local Los Angeles readers. If you were taking WTM to lunch in Santa Monica, where would it be?

Her book has helped me navigate the school years without boring me to bits.

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  1. OMG Jess! Having NO idea what Muffia is all about, I did a google search. The first site that came up I clicked on, it was PORN!! I am too afraid to continue to search for information about Muffia. It was too early in the morning for what I just saw.

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