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Blame Me For Motrin Moms

Earlier today I got a tweet to check out an advertisement by I did. I was furious and I asked the other mommies on Twitter to talk about why they’d never again use Motrin.

Here’s the tweet

The First #MotrinMoms Tweet

The First #MotrinMoms Tweet

A few hours and two thousand tweets later MotrinMoms is the #1 search on Twitter, eclipsing SNL for the first time since Obama was elected.

Follow me on Twitter, and if you’re looking for more on the #MotrinMoms story do send me an email. I’m the mommy with the hashtag on the left.

Jessica Gottlieb can be found at onlineauthor at gmail dot com.

Watch the video here!

Hat tip to Beth for the transcription.

60 thoughts on “Blame Me For Motrin Moms”

  1. Wow, talk about an advertising FAIL. I’m not sure that an apology is necessary, but Motrin should definitely reexamine how they gather info on what will appeal to their target market.

    This reminds me of those terrible Brooke Shields VW ads that seem to mock the very women they’re trying to sell to. So bizarre.

  2. Last night I casually dropped in to Twitter expecting to say hello and enjoy the rest of my evening with a good book. When I read your tweets I had to go see the ad for myself. I am outraged! And spent a good part of last night helping get the word out by tweeting my dismay. I have blogged about it today and asked others to do so too. The ad may have been intended to be funny but I am not amused Motrin. No, not at all.

  3. Jessica-

    Thanks for giving me a reason to get posting again! The cool thing is that if you hadn’t started this then many of us wuld have been oblivious to how Motrin views it’s consumers–moms.

    It was terrible, insulting, belittling and embarrassing for Motrin.

    Thanks for the alert!


  4. Jessica, it looks like we have another ‘Target-style’ blunder via Twitterville…sheesh. When will these companies ever learn that ‘alternative media’ mavens ARE their audience fergoshsakes!

    Ping me offline on this, as we’re extending our “All Things Girl” week on Shaping Youth, and somehow, “moms, motrin, and media” fit right into the mix of why snarky advertising is missing the ‘target’…Amy J.

  5. Jessica,
    Ironically the other day was the first time I wore my second daughter and I came home to find your tweet about this Motrin ad. I was appalled and informed my husband who was also miffed by it as he loves to wear our first daughter while he does work around the house. I even told my mother who used to wear both my sister and I (Motrin is misinformed if they think babywearing is a trend or fad, as that was about 23 years ago) and she was shocked. I am glad you brought this to the attention of the mommy community online. I am really surprised at the fact they would find this to be an acceptable ad and am sure they will see what offending moms can do to their profits.

  6. Wow. Thats pretty much all I can say. It’s really weirdo people like you and your fellow “baby-wearing” cult members who make America such an insuferable place to live. You are the reason why things need to be politically correct. Supposedly this whole baby-wearing thing is like natural and easy going…Well I don’t belive that because all these women seem really hostile and ridiculous. And I mean wow, banning Motrin? All those crazy elderly hormones must be fogging your minds because the few baby wearing moms who actually do ban it won’t hurt the company one bit. Oh, and if you’re going to ban something why don’t you ban meat companies since they pump your food full of hormones and pestacides, or PetSmart for endorsing and using animals from Rainbow Tree Exotics which might as well be a biolgical warfare plant with all their animals dieing from discusting diseases. I mean seriously, you either have a lot of time on your hands or just an incredibly boring life to care about something so insignificant.

  7. i just came across this “mommy war” – i never comment on stuff i come across on the internet mainly because i don’t have time. i don’t have time because i am busy raising my children and being a good mother and wife to waste my valuable time. i have kids. i have worn them. it causes pain after a while (which is the point motrin was making). but in the bigger scheme of life, for you and the mothers engaged in this “war against motrin” to waste your time on something like this is pathetic and time consuming. you should go back to your life. maybe go outside. play with your kids. be a good mother and wife and stop wasting your time complaining. i’m sure your husband would appreciate it.

  8. Jessica,

    I have seen you take on 1. Homophobes 2. The Christian Right 3. Racist and people who want to send all immigrants back to there homeland

    But nothing has brought out the crazies like this.

    Take on corporate america and every nut case comes out of the woodwork.

    Does Johnson and Johnson have all of you on their payroll?

  9. What???? dont you have babies to take care of….how do you have time to actually get a hold of motrin and have them remove an ad…which by the way, there is nothing wrong with????

  10. much ado about nothing. outraged over what? if ur so secure in ur parenting, how can an ad like this *outrage* u? an example of more “tolerance” from the secular progressives. awesome!

    take a, ahem, pill! ;)

  11. Hey Jessica,

    I saw your article and just thought it was amazing the impact you had with moms across the country. I just wanted to show you a new online tv show made by mothers for mothers and see what you thought. I could even arrange an interview or online talk with you, Jen and Barb if you like what you see. It is located at

    Has been fun working with them and I thought that you might get a kick out of the show. They are short 5 minute episodes that I think mom’s across America would love to see. Let me know.

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