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Jane Turns 10

Y’all keep asking what she wants. As she is clearly her mother’s daughter the pendulum swings wildly. Here’s Jane’s list:

Another ipod; she’s lost two this week
A hockey stick; soon we’ll park the car on the front lawn
Office for her mac; sadly I’ve got her using Open Office so I don’t see the need for it
Things to decorate tee shirts and clothing; I’m useless here
Gift cards for Claires and Icing; nothing says Happy Birthday like prostitart accessories.

What we want her to have for her birthday:

A great day with a lot of friends
Modest gifts that she can enjoy with your child
Another year of childhood preserved and revered

Thank you all for being such a wonderful part of our community.

0 thoughts on “Jane Turns 10”

  1. Happy Birthday to Jane. It is so odd how times have changed, I am not that old and when I turned 10 I would never have thought of anything that was on her wish list except maybe the hockey stick. Though I foresee my children being uber-geeks just like my husband and I, I am sure they will want tech gadgets.

  2. well, my question is this: if she lost ipod #1, why did she get ipod #2 in the same week? now, she has a logical reason to expect ipod #3.

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