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Slight Humiliation, John Dewey, and The BevMo 5 Cent Sale Educate My Son

Unless you are Mormon live under a rock, you know that right now is the BevMo 5 Cent wine sale. It’s not a national holiday, yet, but it is a reason to celebrate. Go ahead, take a look at your office Holiday Gift List. If it’s a nice sized department, you’ve got 40 gifts to buy. Well, a few times a year, the folks at BevMo have a 5 cent wine sale. The fall sale is when I stock up big time. The first bottle of wine is full price and the second bottle is five cents.

I could almost afford to have Lisa (you know which one) over for a cocktail hour.

I’d meant to go to the wine sale since I need 3-4 cases to get me through until the beginning of the year, but I’ve been too busy. Alexander and I were on our way to pick up a replacement hamster. Ugh don’t ask… so, when I realized that Petco and Bevmo shared a parking lot. Aha! I thought, let’s put all this math hooey to some practical use.

“Alexander, we’re going into that store, and I want you to find me every bottle of wine that has 90 or more Wine Spectator Points and is part of the 5 cent wine sale.” I gave him the mission.

“Mo-om!” he wailed, “I just want to get a hamster.”

“Dude, I love you, but you don’t get a hamster until I get wine.” Shaddup, you’re no better!

We strolled through the store with Alexander occasionally declaring, “It’s a PeeNoo GreeGeeOO, and it’s got 89 points. Is that close enough?”

“No, Sugar, it’s got to be 90 or higher, and see if you can find one with a pretty label too.”

Yes, every head in the store would turn to examine the red-headed, spectacled child in his school uniform who couldn’t quite say Pinot Grigio. They snickered a little, but no one finger wagged. Why? Well, folks, it’s called homeschooling. Alexander learned price comparison, numerical values, and he appreciated some artwork along the way.

I think John Dewey would be pleased.

9 thoughts on “Slight Humiliation, John Dewey, and The BevMo 5 Cent Sale Educate My Son”

  1. Ooh, ooh, do “cut to me” again! I love it when you talk about booze and me in a single post. The world just feels right, you know? Even if Bev Mo can’t ship to Massachusetts.

    By the way, in case you didn’t get the memo, the people now call me Virg.

  2. Ok, so when I go to the Bev Mo 5 cent wine sale, I only use the little basket that one carries on their arm. When the basket is so heavy that I have to push it on the floor with my foot to the checkout counter then I know I have spent enough on wine for one trip. What I am hearing you say is that I could practice my math and ADD up the cost, add up the savings, average out the cost per bottle and even break it down to the cost per glass. Do you think Alexander is available to help me with that math? Prior to reading your blog post it never occurred to me that buying wine was such a learning experience. I LOVE IT!

  3. I look forward to teaching my son similar values. “No, son, we don’t buy whiskey. It makes daddy sad. Yes, go for the vodka. The vodka is daddy’s friend.”

    I wish we had a BevMo where I live. I always look at the one in Santa Clarita longingly when I pass it.

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