Thankgiving: I’m Thankful for Liquid

Blah blah blah, love my family, Thankful for modern medicine, my dog, my pool, my tennis game… world peace blah blah blah blah.

I’m thankful for dark Mexican espresso in the morning.

I’m thankful for Iced Passion tea with just a splash of lemonade in the afternoon.

I’m thankful for a deep red wine while I prepare dinner and an icy glass of water to enjoy with my food.

The benchmarks of my day? Coffee, tea, wine. Does that make me shallow? Just proves I’m from Los Angeles.

Have a marvelous Thanksgiving.

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  1. Hope your day with family was wonderful. Ours was pretty layed back. It might have been hectic, but I slept through that part and woke up at noon, and mostly drank coffee and watched tv until dinner. I am still struggling with jet lag and my body clock is very out of tune. I needed the extra sleep. But I am bummed, missing the Thanksgiving day parade. I look forward to it every year.

    I’ll be posting more blurbs about our trip and how amazing the kids are, despite the complete poverty they live in and how the schools lack basic supplies.

    Kayla received her acceptance letter and scholarship info while we were in Thailand, but I had my mother in law hide the mail till we came home. She not only got into WSU, but is receiving about 30,000 in scholarship money for her high grades and test scores. Thank goodness, cuz the Lord knows we didn’t save much for her. Her college fund has less than 2 grand in it.
    Hope things are going great.

    Happy Turkey Day

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