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IRL I’m Also Prickly: Microsoft BizSpark Party In Los Angeles

Last night I was lucky enough to attend the Microsoft BizSpark party in LA.

I did not win the gaming console *le sigh* my children are the last two in the developed world who have been denied gaming systems. Eh, the Mac Laptops my mother showers them with will have to make due.

I’m giving you a very brief recap because I’ve got a tennis match in 45 minutes I’m really busy today and I’m going to the premiere of Marley and Me this evening. Yari, I’m all about Team Anniston (don’t worry, Yari gets it).

Moving along:

Picked up Lolita and headed to Hollywood for the BizSpark Party. In the car she’s texting someone and I’m like, “who are you texting?”

“Oh just my dumb friend who is so shy that he can’t walk in until we get there.”

“Who is he? Do I know him?”

“No, he’s just a blogger, he goes by the name of …

…Busy Dad.”

“Oh my Gawd, I totally know him. I sent him a book for a friend and he’s got the cutest little boy and they do…” And then I stopped talking becuase Lolita was looking for something on the roof of my car and she had that same look that my husband gets and I realized that maybe she thought I was a Busy Dad Stalker.

So, yeah, the most famous Mommy Blogger I know in Real Life is a Dude.

I met a few other Mommy Bloggers at the event and it was so cool. I managed to alienate them all.

Things came out of my mouth like, “I’m so sorry, I’m not sure who you are.”


“Oh no I’m not part of ______ it’s kinda low rent don’t you think?” Yes, she works for ______.


Matt is someone who I hadn’t previously followed on twitter but I’m told that I should. I’m doing my due dligence and I’ve just clicked “follow”. Dance Matt!

I met the Slackmistress and she’s just as fabulous in person as she is online. I’m thinking she’s made a deal with the devil because there isn’t a single solitary line on her face and we’re only 2 years apart. Also, her lipstick doesn’t feather. That means she’s an apparition. No one is that perfect. Oh, and she’s nice too. I’m confuddled.

I also met The Boy who is charming and helpful and knows who my husband is. He doesn’t speak his name with proper reverence, but The Boy shall be forgiven because he’s a really snazzy dresser and his family is stranger than mine. Read the X-Mas Midget.

The real star of the evening were the entrepreneurs.

I met Pinny Gniwisch of Ice and Diamond dot com. Someone introduced him as a “real and actual Rabbi”. Well, he doesn’t have a congregation but he has five children and a spiritual side. But really, he’s an unassuming, sorta shy guy with jewels floating all around him. *Black diamond earrings anyone?*

Robert Yang is a swell guy with a gorgeous corner of the web devoted to stylish modern parenting. Visit him at Coochicoos, he’s a super guy with an eye for all things stylish.

I was most dazzled by this

Taken with my iPhone

Taken with my iPhone

I think that of all the really cool things/people I saw last night Girl Gamer is the one I’m watching out for. I’m a Mom of a girl, I’m a girl, they’re targeting girl gamers from 13 – 100 and I had a chance to poke around the site.

Good. Stuff. Watch them and I’m not kidding.

Now I’ve got tennis to play and a movie premier to attend. Hopefully I’ll have a Jennifer Anniston picture for you tomorrow.

0 thoughts on “IRL I’m Also Prickly: Microsoft BizSpark Party In Los Angeles”

  1. Please. Don’t let Lolita stop you. IRL I’m only recognized by the folks at starbucks. Recognized as in “the dude who gets a tall-drip-no-room every morning.”

    Crazy awesome meeting you. It was unexpected to say the least.

  2. I wanted to talk to Girl Gamer since I am a Girl and a Gamer and write for girls 13-100. I’ll have to just stalk him online.

    And I think my secret is that I don’t have kids. But that’s not exactly useful advice at this point.


  3. Sounds like it was a fun evening. I doubt I’d know many of the “famous” mommy bloggers, either, if I went to one of those parties.

    Speaking of, where are these blogger parties and why haven’t I been invited to any?

  4. See, this is why I should move to California where bloggers actually get together to meet and greet. Very cool. Here, people think “blogging” means you’re helping out with your husband’s tree farm.

  5. Perhaps, I’m running with the big dogs…on this blog, or a really cool pack of wolves.

    Visiting from SITS. Let me know if you want to swap locations, it really is cool here in Lowman, Idaho. :D

    I’m looking forward to reading more of your blog.

  6. I thought I was the most famous mom blogger you knew. Or socal mom. Or maybe I was drunk.

    I realize you are tired of me whining but I don’t care. I WISH I WAS THERE! So jealous that you got to meet Slackmistress IRL and her DH, the 6th most popular blogger in LA. And you got to hang with Lolita.

    I’m am 99.9% you did not offend anyone. All blogger parties are complete drunk fests.

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