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The Benefit of Being a Lawyer’s Daughter

Even in second grade I knew to never put anything in writing.

love-notebmpIn case you’re having a hard time reading this it says:

I love you
I am a girl
I am at the front table

It was handed to Alexander* from Laura who got it from Liz who got it from someone who won’t tell (but sits at the front table). Alexander promptly handed the note to his sister who screamed and enlisted the help of her classmates. Jane* and a gaggle of 4th grade girls were busy collecting writing samples from unsuspecting 2nd grade girls when I picked the kids up from school today.

There’s a theory in my house that it’s the little girl with the sequin belt. I don’t know who it is, but I know she’s one smart cookie.

*Alexander is 7 in 2nd grade, Jane is 10 and in the 4th.

7 thoughts on “The Benefit of Being a Lawyer’s Daughter”

  1. I grew up with a family that were all attorneys. And I think before I learned my ABC’s I was told never to put anything in writing. After years, and years I just thought all lawyers were nuts, which they could be still, but then I saw the light.

  2. actually, it says “i am a gril”. forget the handwriting, look for the kid with dyslexia. my theory is that it’s really a boy trying to dupe him.

  3. Honestly, I think it IS a boy who wrote it. First of all girls know how to spell “girl” and they don’t feel compelled to even mention or affirm that they
    are “girls”. As far as the dyslexia comment, the comment obviously came from someone who has not been touched by dyslexia… very unimformed and
    cold-hearted if you ask me.

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