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Toys For Troops: Mary and Q Start The Season Right

Last night in between Skidazzle, Soccer Meetings, Birthday Parties and Grocery runs I carved out a few moments because I wanted to stalk Mary and Q drop in on Mary and Q’s holiday fundraiser. The evite (thanks for keeping it green) read:

We’re having a Holiday Party/Fundraiser for Toys For Troops. We are raising funds to help ship Christmas care packages to soldiers in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Kosovo.. ***This special holiday event is sponsored by Barefoot Wines and will be catered.*** $10.95 will sponsor the shipment of one package to one soldier – but please feel free to donate more (remember it’s completely tax deductible!) For more information about Toys for Troops check out ***or*** Come have a good time and support a great cause! Look for the house with the multi-color Christmas lights in the tree.

Cool, I’ll get to see the swanky pad, determine if Q actually has a top of his head (the jury is still out) and meet GloZell.

The Top Of Q

Our Hosts

I popped in just as the party was beginning and was greeted by GloZell and Randy Carver. If you’ve never been greeted by Mary, Glo and Randy, you’ve never been properly greeted.

As I was examining the donation form I was shown pictures of a fallen soldier.

With a puppy.

So another woman (I’m sorry, I don’t know who) and I stood and cried and wrote checks two and three times the size that we’d intended.

Jessica Gottlieb GloZellGloZell and I posed with our hero. Because it felt right to kick of December with a party for our troops.

Of course I was the only adult there who had no makeup, flat shoes and an outfit that could be purchased for $59.99 total in your local juniors department. Ugh, grow up already Jess!

I told the kids about the fundraiser and here’s what my 10 year old Jane said.

It’s really important because if we give them our toys and candy then they can give it to the Iraqi kids and the kids will show the soldiers where the bombs are. Then the soldiers won’t die and when I’m a grown-up the Iraqi kids won’t hate Americans any more.

Except she said it all in one sweet breath.

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  1. Your daughter was pretty much on the money. When we started Toys for Troops, I was initially apprehensive that my son and his comrades would think I was the “batty” mother. I actually asked people to hold up on donations until I got further response, at one point. The response was, hands down, “send more.” The guys love handing them out, and Brian’s translator told me that it was instrumental in creating trust and friendly relationships with the villagers they encountered.

    I put myself in a mother’s shoes there, imagine soldiers from a foreig country marching down my street, into my home. How much relief would you feel if one smiled and handed your kid a toy?

    Heh. I get passionate. You’re right, we ARE lucky to have Mary!

  2. I have to clarify, the soldier with the puppy is actually Gnightgirl’s son, Pvt. Jolley. He is currently stationed at Fort Benning after one tour in Iraq. He is the reason I became so involved in the project – finally putting a face and name to someone serving our country made me want to participate.

    One of the donations made at the party was in honor of a fallen soldier, LCPC Richard A. Perez Jr.

    I’m so glad that you came by!!! I would love to meet your whole family. This I know, your daughter is brilliant!

  3. Isn’t it a great feeling when your children can put the pieces together so beautifully? Jane Rocks! And honestly considering you were swinging by after a busy day being a mom I think your outfit was appropriate.

  4. This is such a great idea! My husband is in the Canadian Forces, and while we’ve been lucky enough that he hasn’t been over to Afghanistan yet, many of our good friends have. Initiatives like this not only help the morale of the troops, but really do help build the the locals.

    And parties like this, no matter the charity are a great idea. And honestly, I would have gone to the party dressed the same as you – I hate dressing up unless I have a specific reason to.

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