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98% is Pretty Cool for a Housewife in Bunny Slippers

Isn’t it?

I brought my site from one server to another by myself (thanks to Wendy) in spite of warnings from others to not attempt it.

I lost a few comments (a hundred or so?) and there are a few wonks and snorts that don’t quite work, but guess what? This is mine. It’s my space and when I did the migration myself, not only did I save $150 an hour, but I learned a lot and added a few little bits and pieces that no one else would have cared about.

So yeah, I figure I got about 98% of the content… but that’s still an A, right?

Now check this out, Nielsen thinks I’m a Power Mom.
I think Nielsen just got sexy.

18 thoughts on “98% is Pretty Cool for a Housewife in Bunny Slippers”

  1. I’d definitely give you an A, or course you could have asked for help. I keep my own IT department (my husband) around and I constantly volunteer him for help. So far he hasn’t refused my requests to help others.

  2. Nicely done, when I moved all of my stuff from Blogger to WordPress I lost all of the old comments but none of the posts. Actually I have the comments in a spreadsheet for future reference since I proposed to my wife in the comments.

  3. Awesome job! Congrats on moving. Moving from Blogger to WordPress is something I have to do and even going to convert my primary site to wordpress soon just for the SEO factors :)

    Looks good and it flows. Congrats!


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