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A Serious Question

Have you been tested for BRCA1 or BRCA2.

If you haven’t had the tests, why?

I’ll sit quietly and wait for your responses in the comments.

On a less serious note this was in my inbox:

I need to figure out approximately how much cooked pasta it would take to mostly fill a normal-sized bathtub….Anyone have any idea?

The most remarkable thing about this is that it was only upon querying my husband that I realized how bizarre the email is.

8 thoughts on “A Serious Question”

  1. I would have to answer “I don’t know”. Would you mind explaining what those are? Would hate to think that there is yet ANOTHER STD out there, or something in my local food supply, or something female related that my doc hasn’t told me about … so, is this something really serious or not?

  2. My mother died August 22, 2008 of inflammatory breast cancer. My sister was tested for the gene (she had ovarian cancer 4 years ago) and it was negative. Since I don’t have insurance and if she had the gene, I would have it, I haven’t been tested.

    I have no idea about the pasta, although knowing the dimensions of the bathtub would probably help. Uh, I’m not even going to ask WHY someone would need to know that. The mind boggles. Heh.

  3. About the pasta, I would have replied and said whatever would fill 42 gallons, as I believe that is the amount of fluid the average size bath tub holds. About the breast cancer gene markers, I would have to reply no. And that is because I am one of those stupid 24 year olds who hasn’t had an actual physical even since I was 17. Maybe I should remedy that?…Guess I’ll be calling the doctor tomorrow along with the community college where I am going to take classes.

  4. I haven’t been tested because I consider it inevitable already… my mom’s mother died of breast cancer when my mom was 17, and my grandmother passed away from complications stemming from several bouts of different kinds of cancer, including breast cancer. Regardless of the test results, I’m not doing anything pre-emptive so there’s no point in taking the test. (This is the same reason why I didn’t any tests when I was pregnant, except for the Jewish diseases one… regardless of whether my baby would have a chance of having Downs or some other retardation, I wouldn’t abort.)

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