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Ahhh Retirement

Something wonderful has happened.

My stepfather (Doc) has retired (mostly). Why is this wonderful, you might ask?

Yesterday a storage shed was delivered to me in 3 separate boxes, weighing a few hundred pounds each. Today Doc and I will spend the day turning the boxes into this


Doc thinks it’s going to be fun. I’m thinking I’ll close the gates and not let him out until it’s complete. You know, just in case he realizes how un-fun it’ll really be.

6 thoughts on “Ahhh Retirement”

  1. When my dad puts things together there is inevitably swearing involved. I remember the first time my husband helped him, it was a canopy for their deck. My husband returned home and told me something to the affect that he had never heard so much swearing, even as a sailor. Hope you have fun!

  2. I love it when dads retire! My dad retired a few years ago and I could always rely on him to do all kinds of wonderful things for me. Sadly since moving to California I don’t have him around anymore to do my dirty work.

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