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Barack Obama, W, Quaker, Hawt L.A. Chicks and Me

A week from today we’ll all be doing the same thing. We will all be watching as Barack Obama is inaugurated into office.

The folks at Quaker (which reminds me I have a story to tell about Quaker summer camp… it’s funny and PG13) have kindly offered to cater an Oatmeal Bar for ten hungry women. Well, Liz Peterson and I have joined forces and invited forty women. We’re adorable, but we kinda suck at math.

We were certain that they all had jobs and wouldn’t come.

Guess what? Apparently no one is actually working on the 20th, everyone’s going in late, so we’ll have about forty women here. We’ll have the Los Angeles Republicans Mom Playgroup here. We’ll have an Australian Actress who thinks we’re all loony. A WGA award nominated writer, Katee from ePolish, Lolita The Modern Mom, Kim and Karen from the LA Moms, Mary D. and many more amazing women will be here.

We will gather from the far right to the liberal left and celebrate that America is moving forward. No matter who you voted for, no matter why, Barack Obama is about to be my president and I am very proud to be American. I plan to share this historic moment with the women who uplift me each day.

Quaker is kindly providing an Oatmeal Bar (which I can’t wait to see) for all attending. We will also be live streaming with 14 other house parties across the country on UStream.

And that’s not even the good part.

The really good part is that Quaker is giving away One Million bowls of cereal between now and February 28. Check it out here. The campaign is Start With Substance. I’m unsure if they’re starting the new administration with Substance, if I’m supposed to start my day with Substance or we’re all starting the new year with Substance. Give it a look, we’ll talk about it later.

Because giving a million mornings of nutrition; that’s Substantial.

Check it all out on Facebook, and be sure to connect with me there too.

8 thoughts on “Barack Obama, W, Quaker, Hawt L.A. Chicks and Me”

  1. Ok, I was majorly confused at first. When you said “oatmeal bar,” I thought you meant like, a breakfast cereal bar. I was like, “one bar of oatmeal? That’s not very exciting…” Then I realized, “Oh! A bar! Like a spread of various oatmeals and whatnot.” SDER. That’s more exciting. And we get to watch everyone eat this oatmeal? Even better. I’ll be there in spirit, as Alice and I have a bowl of oatmeal most mornings. Well, Alice fingerpaints with her oatmeal, while I eat mine.

  2. Actually, originally my sister was going to have to be in class during the inauguration but miraculously the heads of George Mason Univ. found their brains and excused people from classes for the 20th, which was supposed to be the first day of their winter session. Traditionally, if you do not attend the first day of class you get dropped. I would have loved to see how they would logically resolve that situation, as I am sure most students will be watching the inauguration.

    I want to see a pic of this oatmeal bar…how do you present oatmeal? I guess I lack food creativity.

  3. I thought that you weren’t going to share IMDB pages (I never share mine because it’s always notoriously out of date. Or wrong. Or both.) I still can’t promise I’ll be wearing pants that early.

    Will Absolut be sponsoring the bloody mary bar? Or will the slackmistress be sponsoring that? ;)

  4. @Carlota it’s being catered so I promise pictures

    @Slackmistress I was thinking of getting very stoned and pretending that Ron Paul was being inaugurated. I’ll have a pair of pants handy. I’m begging you to not go commando…

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