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Friday Confession

After Alexander was born I really needed something  just for me.

I thought of joining a book club, but I was embarassed as it seemed too cliche.

Instead I got a Masters Degree that we all know I’ll never use.

5 thoughts on “Friday Confession”

  1. @Virgin the kids taught me more than anyone.

    @Cathy I did join a book club, but I never read the books, I just schmooze

    @Sarah my Masters is in Education, Undergrad is in the sciences. I got a B.S. and then an MA how fitting.

  2. I really wanted you to say you got a tummy tuck and boob job(not that you need either!). Because *THAT* would have made me feel better about me and you know what your place is here, right?


    PS, when you are in NYC and want to go all Voyeur Geeked Out and meet another Blogger, I all systems a go.

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