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A Sink Full Of Dishes

It’s the mark of a day well spent. Just past noon I finished the last of the kitchen scrubbing and the leftovers went into a pot for Chicken Soup and Matzoh Balls.

Yesterday morning I awoke to the news that Doc lost his Sister in Law. It wasn’t completely unexpected, but everyone thought there’d be a little more time. She wasn’t quite an Aunt to me, but she wasn’t not family either. It was a strange and sad day followed by a boiseterous and decidedly joyful evening.

We spent the evening with The Marriage and a Famous But Unnamed Mommyblogger (FBUM). I got to hang out with a real life teenager! Yep. My favorite people in the world. They’re neither fish nor foul, they don’t know the rules yet, so they break them all, they’re charmingly honest and they believe they will change the world.

You know what? I believe they will too. Call me crazy, but I don’t dread the teenage years.

I also had a stopover with a Famous But Unnamed Mommy Blog Aggregator (the wisest of them all) and her family.

In one day I met two sets of husbands and four children. Want in on a secret? These mommy bloggers? They’re doin’ it right.

1 thought on “A Sink Full Of Dishes”

  1. I don’t know a single “mom” blogger in person. I don’t think anyone in my neck of Canada blogs although the people who know about me seem to think this makes me famous.

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