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Los Angeles: Prepping for March 3rd


Nick Patsaouras


City Controller, we’re about to lose Laura Chick who did a magnificent job of auditing the city’s books.


March 3rd, you’re going to vote, aren’t you.
Oh, and tomorrow, Sunday March 1st we’ll have a get together at The Laurel Tavern.
RSVP here, this is your invitation.


Because Nick will bring business back to city hall. I’m tired of politicking, hand shaking, Press Releases and cameras. We need whomever follows in Laura Chicks’ shoes to be worthy.
Nick can get the job done.


RSVP, tell a friend, call three people now, copy and paste this to your blog, your Twitter page or your Facebook page.

Rumor has it Brooks Bayne will make an appearance and finally buy me that cup of tea.

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