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Dear Little League Mom

Last week, remember that moment when you thought no one was looking? Remember when you flipped your teenage daughter the bird and muttered under your breath that she was acting like a bitch?

Remember that?

I do. It made you a little more likable.

Your daughter? Eh, she was a bit snotty, but nothing that’s going to make the world hate her. You keep on her and she’ll be fine, good even.

We all have our moments, and darlin’, I’ve got your back. I saw nothing.

5 thoughts on “Dear Little League Mom”

  1. If I would have seen, I would have applauded. ;-) Well, it depends. But too often we a raising manchilds used to getting their way, not empathizing, and being pretty good pathological liars. What’s the saying? Spare the instruction, spoil the child, and burn the village.

  2. Some mental block prevents me from saying ‘bitch’ and my daughter in the same sentence. Asshole, Asswipe, pain in my ass, those are all permissible.

  3. I wrote a reply twice. Deleted them both. Haven’t blogged lately. I feel stuck. If I look forward I see my daughter graduating and leaving for college in August. When I look behind me, I see all the joy that being her mom gave me. I feel like I’m just standing here with my eyes closed afraid to look either direction.

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