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I Can’t Afford to Stay Home

I got a very last minute invitation to see Monsters vs Aliens today. Dreamworks invited some media types (and me) to take a look a their new 3d movie along with the Activision games that are paired with it.

My first thought was Meh, I’ll stay home. I love being home, I work a very few hours each day and why would I want to leave the house? Then I remembered. I have son who is in 2nd grade. He can play hooky and most importantly

He’ll love me best!

I know, it’s not a competition, the kids can love their Dad in a different way than they love me. I’m the one who does homework and discipline, I cook dinner and he labors at the office all day. I’ve got it good, we’re on the same team. Well…

Today I’m his favorite parent.

Can I get a woot?

On a more serious note. Tuesday I took the kids to vote and there was a practice voting booth set up wherein they demonstrated to children and first time voters how to use the punch cards. There was a moment when Alexander was making a choice between Audubon and Muir where he looked to me for help.

It was a serious moment, he needed help voting. There was a split second where I was about to say, “Oh, c’mon it’s just pretend.” and I could have missed the moment. Fortunately, I slowed down and we voted together. It won’t be an intense memory for him, but it’s my moment, where my son needed me and I remembered to slow down and enjoy him.

So today, we played hooky. I explained to my husband that I couldn’t afford to stay home, second grade is awesome, and I didn’t miss the moment.

Seven years with no pause button.

4 thoughts on “I Can’t Afford to Stay Home”

  1. “Seven years with no pause button.”

    That’s a great piece of writing.

    And chances are he’ll remember this more than he’ll remember what he learned in class that day.

    My dad once took my older brother and I to the zoo instead of church on Sunday morning, and while dad wasn’t really around a lot in those early years, it’s a truly awesome memory that I’ll never forget.

  2. I have a 13 yo. I feel as though her life is going in fast forward. I am treasuring family dinners — even though she hates sitting at the table…I like having the family together since we are always on the road.

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