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Notice Anything Different About Me?

drivers-licensebmpThis was issued in 2000, I had a toddler at the time.
Remarkably enough I didn’t get caught any tickets so I was issued this license in 2004.

09-drivers-licensebmpNice, huh? Time sort of stood still for the old gal.
It was kinder than it seemed because in 2004 I had two kids on my hands and it’s unlikely I’d have showed up for an appointment anyhow.
Unfortunately I had to show up this year, and have a new thumbprint and an eye exam.
This came in the mail today. I can’t say that it’s an awful lot of fun watching eight years zoom past.

Even though I have some concerns about the Messiah coming and me not having eyes to see him, I’ve decided to be an organ donor (should the unthinkable happen) how about you?

18 thoughts on “Notice Anything Different About Me?”

  1. Ha, this is a great idea. I still have a copy of every driver’s license I’ve been issued. I should scan them sometime.

    I’m an organ donor. I’d like to think that if I have to go, I can hopefully help someone else stick around for a while.

  2. Hah! Here in Israel they give you a double whammy – you renew your license in the same month as your birthday. As if one reminder wasn’t enough.
    But put things in perspective. Last week my oldest (5yrs) and middle (3yrs) were laughing at my Wedding picture (!) I had a beautiful ponytail tied to a veil. My kids didn’t see the incredible makeup and wrinkle-free face. They just pointed at the pic and said – Ma, you look ugly when you’re bald.

  3. Your hair is much longer and you’ve lost that apple-cheeked look that goes with our youth.

    I think I am an organ donor. I was in Iowa. I can’t remember if they asked me when I got my license here in Canada. Anyway, it will ultimately be decided by whoever they call when “it” happens.

  4. Your hair seems to have lost its Farrah Fawcett-esque characteristics, but, to be quite honest, you’re still one hawt* mommy blogger.

    *I don’t mean to be creepy, but you do look great in your picture. I look like a terrorist in mine. No joke.

  5. A friend of mine told me the only way to look cute in your driver’s license photo is to practice your post/smile. Like, stand in front of the mirror and pose. And practice. And pose. And practice.

    Who has that sort of time?

    But then I realized that I am unemployed and I can spare two minutes a day. It worked. Except that my driver’s license now looks better than I do.

  6. Well, this did make me think. Everytime I go to sign the back of my license to be an organ donor, I hesitate. Really, what’s the big deal. I won’t be able to use ’em when I’m gone right? And, thankfully they don’t print weight on NYS licenses. It would just add insult to injury—I was six months preggers when it was last taken.

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