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A Big Announcement: I’m One of 11 Moms

I want to thank Wal-Mart for allowing me the opportunity to write with them.


I am pleased to report that I am now officially one of Eleven Moms.

In future posts I’ll have the opportunity to share money saving tips with you, great products and exclusive discounts. As you know Wal-Mart is all about building communities and they give so much to us Moms, especially the Mom Blogging community.

It’s both humbling and exciting and I hope you’ll join me on my new adventure.


41 thoughts on “A Big Announcement: I’m One of 11 Moms”

  1. Hi, am not a mom but a wife. I hope I could still have been with you in such community. On the other way, my hubby and me is a huge customer of wal-mart, everytime we have something to buy we goes in there even if it’s far-away from our house. It’s that we can save a lot and the quality is of good one too just like the other stores. So then, am happy for you of your achievements! God bless you more!

  2. I’ve always liked WalMart. No membership fees, no club cards, no attitude, just low prices. Now that the economy has turned around, all those bleeding heart liberals (I’m one) who vilified Walmart (I NEVER vilified them) may have to rethink their shopping habits. WM offers low prices and employment. Work related health benefits are a thing of the past. WM was just ahead of the curve by limiting benefits. By the way, I’m wearing a White Stag top from WM as I write this.

  3. I’m going against the crowd here, but I feel a little like Dylan’s fans must have felt like when he signed up with Columbia records.

    Jessica. Walmart? And the paragraph that starts, “In future posts..” doesn’t sound like you at all. I think you have been eaten by the Borg.


  4. All day I’ve been shaking my head at this, thinking how? Why? Yes, it took a while (four hours later, mind you, while I was picking my daughter up from school) until the date clicked in. I thought I had escaped the day without a hoax but you got me…good. Now back to reality.

  5. This is a joke? You had me clicking to the site but I didn’t see your name. However… I did click to the ElevenMoms profiles, and counted 23 including some mommy bloggers I know and I’m guessing you know, too; so you could easily figure out how to be profiled there.

  6. Wow, congratulations :) I know I’m late but I swear I would not have fallen for it – love some of the comments you got though. I met a woman who worked at at a womens leadership conference and could not help but share some of the controversy – “they get way more than shampoo” was her response.

  7. Have you seen my letters to Wal-Mart:


    The first letter seems to reflect your views, the second was an ignored complaint letter and was totally true. I still go there occasionally, but I drive 20 minutes out of my way to go to the one that doesn’t have horrible customer service.

    Although the last time I went the girlfriend and I were returning a $3 lightbulb. We had to go to a guy on the way in to get the bulb stickered, so we could get in the returns line to get our money back, just so we could buy the one we actually needed.

    Just sticker it, let me trade it at the register, and I’m happy. They couldn’t have made it more complicated if they had tried!

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