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Lightbulbs: Friday Confession

lightbulbI am absolutely terrified of changing light bulbs. Simply handling glass that thin and knowing that it contains a swirl of poison inside sends me into fits.

I change light bubs on occasion, but really I’d rather sit in the dark than handle them. I feel my pulse race, I can hear my heartbeat and first I’m cold, then I sweat.

Snakes don’t scare me, people don’t scare me, heights are not an issue, but a light bulb, that is scary.

6 thoughts on “Lightbulbs: Friday Confession”

  1. Lynn, seriously – you won’t use fluorescent bulbs because of a fear that you might break one?? Chances are sooooo slim and the power they don’t use more than makes up for it.

    I’m hoping that LED lights become more readily available, way safer and better for the environment.

  2. We bought those compact flourescent bulbs. Had fits getting one out of the package. It dropped onto our tile floor and broke into a zillion pieces.

    I’m not sure what happened to that mercury ball.

    So, yeah, I totally get the fear of glass breakage. Add a hazardous waste spill in your home, and we might all just as well go back to candles!

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