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According to The New England Journal Of Medicine, “between 30,000 and 100,000 cardiac deaths per year in the United States are attributable to the consumption of trans fats”.

In 2007, there were 518 minors Abducted by a Stranger per the FBI.

I contend that mothers are sold fear.


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  1. I typed out this really long response, then erased it. I can’t seem to organize my thoughts this morning. I’m preoccupied with the fact that my baby graduates from high school in 2 and a half weeks.

    I’ll stop by later and see if I can add something of value later on today.

  2. I think we are less afraid of a heart attack because we believe only lazy fat folks who never work out get them, or we believe if we have one, someone over at Cedars will save us. We think it’s something we can control, wheareas the child abduction thing is so random. Random = fear.

  3. It’s not just moms they’re selling fear to. It’s the American public. Whether it’s swine flu, Y2k, or the tornado/snow storm that never was (any threat of rain or a snow flake here in the ATL is billed as “STORM WATCH 2009”), it’s all fear all the time.

  4. The “Don’t talk to stranger’s” thing was easy to teach to my daughter. Teaching NOT to open the door by herself and get a grown up was a little tougher and after getting scolded by her Dad numerous times, she finally learned(he would leave for work, drive around the block and ring the doorbell). Learning that lesson protected her at age 12 when an asshole with a baseball bat decided he would try robbing my house during the middle of the day. She DID NOT open the door, and our 70 lb pit bull mix snarling at the door scared him away. She called me and 911

    It’s the people we know, who we THINK we really know that scare me. The people we trust the most with our kids can turn out to be the scary monster lurking under the bed. For me it was my youth pastor, he is now a registered sex offender thanks to my courage. I told, but the 8 girls in the youth group who were victimized before me never told. He was also a fireman, husband and father. Someone you would think would NEVER harm a hair on your kids head. As Jessica pointed out, very few kids are abducted by strangers, they are abducted/molested/raped/kidnapped/murdered by someone known to them or to the family.

    The media absolutely does make mountains out of many molehills I completely agree, they need ratings to keep the bills paid. But always trust your maternal instinct.

  5. Of course abduction is scarier, you don’t know what someone is doing with your kid (but you’re pretty certain it’s not feeding them twinkies and yoohoo). While slowly killing your kids with fatty foods is totally under your control…

  6. Absolutely, we’re sold fear. And I find it amusing that we can’t even get access to the article on trans fat without paying a fee, yet I bet I could find a free news article about every single one of those abductions.

  7. We are sold more than just fear – moms are told that we are bad moms if our children get hurt. Good moms protect their children from all harm. So we have knee pads to protect their knees when crawling, soft protective helmets for when they learn to walk, and more. Yes, we need car seats and protective equipment for sports and the like, but a lot of so called safety equipment is just not necessary.

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